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Well Monitoring Technologies

MURAG is a fully automatic electronic device used for fluid level measurement in wells on a continuous basis. It uses complex signal structure, electronically generated (without use of gas gun). Signal is propagated in annulus and fluid level is identified automatically by analysis of the reflected signal pattern (including frequency analysis). The fluid level is permanently displayed and available via 4 - 20 mA interface for SCADA systems. MURAG is CE ATEX certified to II 2G Ex d IIB T4

MURAG can be used for applications ranging from prevents pumps from running dry, increasing pump run life. The pumps can be operated safely at maximum possible draw-down enabling accelerated production and increased ultimate recovery

The RAG WellChecker is a new generation, portable and versatile well testing technology. The measurement principle is based on 2 Phase separation of Gas and Liquid using augmented pre-heating, while providing flow data for all 3 Phases. Oil and water phase measurements are using coriolis mass flow measurement, while gas phase measurement uses standard orifice. The WellChecker comes with the MURAG fluid level measurement system for real time well fluid level measurement in conjunction with surface fluids production data.

Rig up the WellChecker unit is quite simple and required a single person to operate the unit that is towable by a medium size car. It comes in 2 versions based on use for Oil Wells and Gas Wells. The Oil WellChecker unit is a cost effective solution for testing low production oil wells up to 650 bpd of gross liquids. This could also be used for low production gas wells with gas production up to 650,000 scf/day. The Gas WellChecker can be used for testing gas well with production up to 5 Million scf/day