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Multiphase Pump System

The NOV Tri-Phaze System has the ability to transfer fluids comprising of any combination of gas, liquid and solids from the wellsite or satellite to a central processing facility. It’s based on NOV’s field-proven progressing cavity pump. Incorporating advanced technology, superior design and proprietary manufacturing processes, the Tri-Phaze System offer the best value, and the most effective pumping solution for the difficult and fluctuating conditions often encountered in multiphase fluid flow. The package is complete with pump protection for maximum performance and long life.

Tri-Phaze System will help eliminate or minimize the number of satellite separation facilities / batteries needed as new wells are drilled further and further away from existing separation facilities. A Tri-Phaze system can be used to transfer the multiphase fluids to and exiting facility several miles away. This will help eliminate need to flare gas at well site, local water storage/ disposal thus minimizing the environmental impact.

The Tri-Phaze System will help increase well production rate by reducing borehole pressure, extends life cycle of your artificial lift equipment and productive life of marginal fields