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Magnetic Separator Systems

Black Powder Solutions (BPS) Magnetic Separator Systems are inline, full-flow systems for removal of ferrous and non-ferrous solid contamination (Black Powder™) from process fluid and gas systems.The Magnetic Separators remove contaminants up to below 1 micron with high efficiency,which improves equipment reliability and significantly reduces OPEX and GHG emissions.

The magnetic separator system use a magnetic Array within an engineered pressure vessel that maximizes dwell time and particulate removal capability with minimal pressure drop (~0 psi ΔP in a clean system). Each system is engineered to achieve 99%+ efficiency in removing Black Powder contamination of all ferrous particles by accounting for design parameters such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, viscosity, medium and others.

BPS Magnetic Separator Systems require only cleaning rather than any filter element disposal as in conventional solid filtration systems. Options for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic cleaning systems are available.Each system offers long life service, utilizes minimal consumables, and require minimal to no power.