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Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions

  • Liquid Foamers
  • Emulsion Breakers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • PHPA, SAPP, ClayMod Sticks
  • F-110 Sticks
  • Foamer and Soap Sticks
  • Speciality Corrosion , Salt Inhibitor , Paraffin Inhibitor sticks

RemediAde™ Desert Bloom is an Eco-friendly, All Natural and organic (non-chemical) solution. It is a blend of plant extracts and other organic substances. Fomulated by VariChem International at Bay City, TX, Desert Bloom is easily applied to contaminated land and water in the event of oil spills or leaks and other hydrocarbons. RemediAde™ has been used by the oilfield, chemical and manufacturing industries for over 20 years. Has successfully cleaned up hundreds of oil and other hydrocarbon spills.

RemediAde™ is made using a unique production process, designed to promote rapid insitu bacteria growth for bio-remediation of hydrocarbons. It effectively assists in the bio-remediation of hydrocarbons, cleaning up unprocessed crude oil in 2-3 weeks, gasoline and diesel in 5-7 days and, refined oil in 2-3 weeks. In most cases, a near total breakdown of the oil is seen by day 7

Proven, new generation H2S removal technology. It is far more effective in removing H2S from oil, gas or water streams as compared to traditional triazine or formaldehyde based H2S scavengers. Find attached a summary comparison table. Key features includes
  • Capable of removing H2S from all phases, i.e. crude oil, gas or water. It can also be injected at the wellhead into multiphase fluid
  • The reaction is instant, stable, and H2S will not re-form in the process system, as it could happen in case of traditional H2S Scavengers
  • Produces a sulfate by-product that comes out from the oil and gas phases, and stays in the water phase
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • Uses only a fraction of traditional H2S Scavengers dosage. This reduces the cost of H2S treatment