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Highly engineered turbo-expanders that are used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation, and other power-recovery applications in industrial processes worldwide. Expert field service, repair, and spare parts are available for all types of turbo-expanders.

A turbo-expander, or expansion turbine, is a radial in-flow or centrifugal turbine capable of efficient extraction of energy from any high-pressure gas being expanded through it. Turbo-expanders are typically used to provide industrial refrigeration, like in the cryogenic treatment of natural gas to extract ethane, butane, and propane or to extract nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and argon from air.

Turbo-expanders are also used for power recovery from high pressure let-down and geothermal electricity generation. The energy extracted is available to drive a load device such as a compressor or generator. In rare cases, the shaft power is routed to a dynamometer or brake to dissipate the energy.

Application-specific turbo-expanders capable of handling power ranging from 500kW to 17MW per expander.