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Drilling & Cementing Solutions

Perigon CST (Cement Support Tool) is very simple, Reliable & Cost Effective solution for setting Off-Bottom Cement Plugs. Applications include Kick off Plugs for sidetracking wells, plugs in P & A operations. The Perigon CST has distinct advantages when compared with other Off-Bottom Cement Plug solutions like Hi-Vis or chemical reactive pills, Cement Retainers/ Bridge Plugs, or Expandable Packers. The key features and benefits of the CST technology are listed below
  • No Surface equipment or special tools required for deployment
  • No Specialized personnel required for running the CST
  • Minimal placement time and thus minimal rig time is consumed
  • Among highest Industry success rate in deployment.
  • Can be used in both Open hole and Cased hole application
  • Lowest cost of implementation compared to all existing solutions
  • Over 3000 CST successfully deployed all over the world including several in the Middle East.
Includes a wide range of products related to casing and cementing accessories like Cementing Plugs, Bow Spring Casing Centralizer, Solid Rigid Centralizer, Positive Centralizer, Single Piece Centralizer, Casing Roller Centralizer, Stop Collar, Cement Basket, Hammer Unions, Turbulator and Crossover. All products manufactured with high strength premium quality material. Supplied from ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility and certified to applicable API standards like API-10D
Drill String Internal Wiper (DSIW) is very innovative, yet simple technology applicable in drilling rig operations. The DSIW Technology aims to reliably overcome a nagging problem on the rig floor, viz. Mud spillage during drill string POOH. It is an award winning Norwegian technology that effectively addresses this challenge. The DSIW system eliminates virtually all residual fluids from the inside of the drill string while tripping out of the hole. It helps in not only saving costs on lost fluids, but also keeping the rig floor work area clean and a safe environment free from slipping and falling for the rig floor crew. The DSIW can be an invaluable tool for any drilling rig operation. Some other features and benefits of the DSIW include reducing drilling slop, time spent in cleaning rig floor, water consumption, crew time in red zone, wear on drill pipes and threads, internal build up inside Drill pipes dried mud particles sticking and minimise oreliminate need for drifting the drill pipes/ collars. The DSIW is available for drill pipe ranging from 4" to 5-1/2”. It has been successfully used by different operators in multiple regions, including the Middle East.