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Seal-less Diaphragm Pumps

These Hydra-Cell high-pressure diaphragm pumps are highly efficient, heavy duty pumps used for a very wide range of pumping applications covering almost all industries. With regards to the oil & gas applications, these include among others, liquid transfer, chemical injection, metering and dosing, Jet pump power fluid injection, etc.
The Hydra-Cell can handle any liquid from harmless fluids to extremely corrosive, non-lubricating and abrasive liquids. Examples include chemicals, solvents, acids, hydrocarbons, natural gas liquids, alkalis, polymers, aqueous ammonia, resins, slurries, wettable powders, recycled or dirty liquids etc.
Hydra-Cell pumps are the answer to seal-less, high-pressure diaphragm pump that combines rugged durability with exceptional pumping efficiency. Other applications of the Hydra-Cell pumps include
• High and Low Viscosity Liquids
• High Pressure Pumping
• Hot and Cold Liquids
• Non-Lubricating Liquids
• Pressure Injection
• Pumping Slurries and Abrasives